Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days is an Indian television series based on the works of R.K. Narayan. The series was directed by Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag. Carnatic musician L. Vaidyanathan composed the score. R. K Narayan’s brother and acclaimed cartoonist R. K. Laxman was the sketch artist. The series was made in 1986 by film producer T. S. Narasimhan with Anant Nag as the lead actor.


Thirty-nine episodes of Malgudi Days were telecast on Doordarshan. Subsequently, it was re-telecast on Doordarshan and later onSony Entertainment Television, and MAA Television in Telugu. This series was shot entirely near Agumbe in Shimoga District,Karnataka.

In 2004, the project was revived with film-maker Kavitha Lankesh replacing Shankar Nag as director. The new series was telecast from 26 April 2006 on Doordarshan.

Created by R.K. Narayan
Directed by Shankar Nag
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 54
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel DD National, Sony TV & TV Asia

Most of the stories in the series are one episode long. The stories are from the books A Horse and Two Goats, Malgudi Days, Swami and Friends and The Vendor of Sweets.

Swami and Friends revolves around the ife of ten-year-old Swaminathan, or Swami as he is known. Swami portrays the growing pangs of a boy who despises school, as he makes excuses and roams around Malgudi with his friends. Swami’s father works in a government office and his mother is a housewife. At home, Swami shares his adventures with his aged granny, who lovingly addresses him as “Chamy.” Swami has two close friends: Mani and RajaM, the son of the police chief superintendent. Swami’s character was portrayed by Manjunath, a regular actor in many of Shankar Nag’s productions.

The Vendor of Sweets narrates the story of a sweet vendor, Jagan, his business and confrontation with his son who had returned from abroad. The title role was played by Kannada actor Anant Nag, and most of the actors cast in this serial were from the Kannada film industry. It was directed by Shankar Nag.

Gopinath – Harish Patel
W.S.Swaminathan (Swami) – Master Manjunath
Swami’s father – Girish Karnad
Swami’s mother – Vaishali Kasaravalli
Swami’s grand mother – Suhasini Adarkar
Muniya (Muni) – Kanti Madiya
Muniya’s wife – B Jayashree
Shopkeeper – Somu
American (New York tourist) – Teddy White
Nitya – Deven Bhojani

Harish Patel (Episode 52)
Anant Nag (Episodes 10 and 32-39)
Dada (Episodes 30 and 31)
Girish Karnad
Vishnuvardhan (Episode 18)
Shankar Nag (Episodes 30 and 31)
Ramesh Bhat
Padmini Sirish
Deven Bhojani (Episode 1)